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Sangha Shiksha Varg ( Training Camp ) 2016 – Perth

Aatmeeya bandhus, namaste.

This year in Australia, the HSS (SSV) Sangh Shiksha Varg ( हिंदू स्वयम्सेवक संघ, संघ शिक्षा वर्ग ) will be held in

Perth from 01 st – 09 th July 2016 .  This is an annual seven (7) day training camp event.

Some important details about this Special Training Camp are explained here.  This camp which is referred to

as HSS SSV2016 Australia is special in many ways.  There are three levels ‘shreNi’ in every SSV; they are

praathamik (entry level), pravesh (mid-level) and Praveen (advanced level). The original 21 day duration (first

year) camp is split into these three short duration 7 day camps to accommodate the time constraints of the

shikshaarthees (students) in countries like Australia, UK, USA and so on.

This annual national level varga accommodates shibiraarthees (participants) from all over Australia.

Swayamsevaks and sevikas from school year 7 onwards who have been attending shakha for at least a year

are eligible for praathamik varga. Further eligibility is by progression; i.e. those who have successfully

completed praathamik are eligible for pravesh and so on. There is no upper age limit to be a participant in

this varg. We encourage all parents who have been attending shakha to take this unique opportunity and

gain valuable experience alongside their children. Our advice would be; don’t miss out on this opportunity

and don’t put this off for another year!

What next? Those who have completed their praveen would then be eligible for the ‘once in 5 years’ global

HSS ‘dwiteeya varsh SSV’ going for a full 21 days. The next one of these is in December 2016 in Nairobi,

Kenya. About 400+ shikshaarthees from all over the globe (excluding Bhaarat) will be coming together for an

intensive enriching SSV experience! This year at least 20 from Australia will be participating in this varga.

Well experienced and talented shikshaks and shikshikas (trained teachers) from UK  & USA, born and

brought up in western societies nevertheless well ingrained in HSS culture, Bhaarateeya sabhyataa and

sanskriti, will be contributing their time and training expertise in this HSS SSV2016 Australia for the entire

duration and  all our participants will be interacting one on one with them imbibing valuable knowledge.  We

also have HSS adhikaaris and prachaaraks from other countries including Bhaarat attending SSV providing

expert guidance to all swayamsevaks and sevikas.

Many committed kaaryakartas work relentlessly every year to make the SSV a successful and memorable

event.  Registration details are available below.  We invite you to register at the earliest as places are limited.

For further information feel free to send us an email to: sydney@hssaus.org; perth@hssaus.org; adelaide@hssaus.org; melbourne@hssaus.org;

With Best Wishes,

HSS Australia


CAMP Details

  1. Date  – 01 July 2016 (starts at 6 pm) to 09 July 2016 (concludes after lunch, approxinately 1 PM) in Perth


  2. Venue -Ern Halliday Recreation Camp Whitfords Avenue, Hillarys WA 6025


  3. Shulka – Please refer to the table below 

  Resident Of Shulka/Cost
  Perth/Western Australia AUD 450
  Others AUD 100


 3. Travel Arrangements – Please refer to the table below

  Resident Of Shulka/Cost
  Sydney Sydney participants will be flying to Perth on 1st July Friday, and will be returning on 11th July Monday evening You would need to pay $515 towards air-fare and post camp sightseeing(in addition to camp charges) arrangements to the HSS Sydney account. As seats are limited please register as soon as possible.


 5. Eligibility –

For Prathamik Varg (1st Year )

  • Participant from school year 8 and above.
  • Year 7 Children who are attending Balagokulam / Shakha regularly since last 3 years are also eligible (subject to approval from local mahangar team and availability of spots).
For Pravesh Varg
  • Those who have attended Prathamik Varg in the past.
For Praveen Varg
  • Those who have attended Pravesh Varg in the past.



 6. Registration – Please click below link to register.

  Registrations Closed  

Registration was open till 6 PM, 13 June 2016.


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